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BBC TWO - Gardening Series

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Low Cost Greenhouse Build

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Made mostly from reclaimed/recycledmaterials, our greenhouse build started in August 2012 and completed in January 2013, only days before the snow arrived.

The 2012 wet weather severly held us back on the build but we got there eventually.

Click here to see the slideshow of the whole build.

Ash dieback

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Many people know that I am a keen mountainboarder and as well as spending time with plants during my work, I also like hanging out in the woods with my mountainboard.

Ash dieback has not had much coverage in the media.  My friends at Remolition (the leading mountainboard media magazine) have done some research and put something together about the Chalara dieback.  Please read their article here

Bunny's Garden in Spring

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Some pictures of Bunny's garden in spring can be viewed here on the Telegraph's website

Gardeners Question Time

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Emmeline got a mention on Gardeners Question Time!

Bunny Guinness was asked if she has any help with her garden by a member of the audience, she told the audience that Emmeline helps one day a week and complimented her good work.

Recorded at a live show in Newport, Pembrokeshire and Broadcast on BBC Radio Four on Friday 21st October and Sunday 23rd Oct 2011.


Gifts from the garden

Posted by vamachara on October 31, 2011 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I've harvested hundreds of Sweet Pea seeds in my garden recently and there is no way I'm planting that many in the spring.  So I decided to share my harvest with friends and family.  I spent only a couple of hours working out how to package my seeds to make beautiful little presents.  I hate using sellotape when I'm wrapping presents so worked out a way to fold and tie my packets with no sticking whatsoever.

I put 50 seeds into each packet and tucked a few full pods into the string for decoration.  Thin card labels also tucked into the string were printed using my computer as my handwriting is not pretty.

I've managed to put smiles on everyone's faces with these and also made good use of my harvest.